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  • What about Insurance?
    Your homeowner's insurance will typically provide coverage when hosting guests. To ensure this, please consult with your insurance agent and acquaint yourself with your local laws. We've evaluated the provision of an insurance plan, and in most instances, using your own insurance proves to be more cost-effective. As we continue to enhance our platform and grow, we may revisit this strategy. Unlike others in our industry, we prioritize safety and transparency. Should any issues arise, rest assured, our team will support you towards a satisfactory resolution. For those requiring extra assurance, procuring additional insurance coverage is a feasible option. Proper Insurance is one company we have found to be a reliable choice in such situations.
  • What if my property is damaged, lost or stolen?
    In the event of damage, loss, or theft during an exchange, affected members should file a claim within 14 calendar days following the conclusion of the exchange. Claims should be sent via email to, complete with a description of the incident, an estimated cost for the damage or loss, and any supporting documentation. Upon receipt, 2Xcape will promptly notify the member implicated in the claim via email. For a comprehensive understanding of our Deposit Management Service, kindly refer to our Terms of Use.
  • What if I need to cancel an Xcape?
    We acknowledge that circumstances can arise, necessitating the cancellation of an exchange. If an exchange is scheduled 30 days or more in advance, it must be cancelled at least 14 calendar days before the exchange date to prevent deductions from your deposit. If the reciprocal Xcaper incurs hotel or similar accommodation expenses due to your cancellation, those costs will be deducted from your deposit. For exchanges booked 30 days or less from the exchange date, cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to the exchange date to avoid penalties. Please note: 2Xcape strongly advises members to opt for refundable modes of transportation, such as airline tickets, as we cannot reimburse transportation costs nor deduct from the security deposit to cover these expenses. For a detailed understanding of our Deposit Management Service, kindly refer to our Terms of Use.
  • What if an Xcaper's home does not match the information from the listing?
    In the event a member's home fails to align with its listing information, we recommend initiating a conversation with the member via our platform to discuss the discrepancies. If the member is unreachable or unable to rectify the issue, and the issue is not severe, it's advisable to continue with the planned exchange. However, in case of significant discrepancies and inability to reach the member, please connect with us via email at with supporting photographs and other relevant evidence. If it becomes necessary to arrange for hotel or similar accommodations, we will allocate a portion, up to the full amount, of the security deposit to cover these costs. Please consult our Terms of Use for comprehensive information about our Deposit Management Service.
  • Is the security deposit directly debited from my account?
    Rest assured, your account will not be charged under normal circumstances. While we do capture your payment information, it is purely as a security measure. No funds will be debited, provided there are no late cancellations or any issues of property damage, loss, or theft. Furthermore, our platform employs advanced security measures, consistent with the highest industry standards, to protect your sensitive information. This includes secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption, regular vulnerability scanning, and a secure server infrastructure that ensures your data remains confidential and uncompromised.
  • How do I Register & When can I list my Home?
    Step 1 Embark on your Xcape adventure with our comprehensive registration process. Simply click "Start Here" at the top of your screen. This initiates the steps for obtaining your annual membership and gathering your essential information. The process includes: - Uploading a high-quality image of a valid identification document. We accept a current state-issued ID or an international passport. - Providing a document confirming your current address, such as a recent utility bill. - Undergoing an identity verification and criminal background check via We prioritize your security and privacy. All information submitted will strictly be used for verification purposes. Step 2 Upon receipt of your complete information and annual membership fee, we'll initiate the verification process. Once confirmed, you'll receive an email containing an activation code for the Xcaper Home Exchange platform. Re-entering your details for verification signals your official initiation into our Xcaper community. Step 3 With your account now active, you can start to detail your home's information using our comprehensive form. This crucial step helps fellow Xcapers to learn more about your property. Step 4 It's time to dive into your first Xcape adventure and start exploring our vibrant community. Discover new places, meet fellow Xcapers, and enjoy the unique experiences our platform has to offer. Welcome to the Xcape life!
  • Can I exchange a Residence outside the Platform?
    No. To ensure that your exchanges are covered by 2Xcape's services, all exchange requests must be processed through our platform. Bypassing our system to arrange an exchange for a residence listed on 2Xcape can lead to termination of the member's account. It's important to maintain all communication with fellow members within our messaging system until the exchange is finalized. This ensures transparency, proper documentation, and peace of mind for all parties involved.
  • What are the advantages of 2xcape?
    2Xcape distinguishes itself from other home exchange platforms by championing inclusivity in travel. We hold firm that traveling is not merely a luxury but an opportunity everyone should be able to access. The experiences gained through travel broaden personal perspectives, enhance cultural understanding, deepen empathy, and challenge preconceptions. With 2Xcape, we endeavor to democratize travel by offering cost-effective lodging solutions. No point systems or rental fees apply. If you own or rent a home or apartment, you're welcome to join our community. Our platform is user-friendly, designed to help manage customer relationships and clarify expectations. Moreover, our blogs aim to inspire you, promoting cultural appreciation and lifestyle immersion to guide you through your travel adventures.
  • How much does the membership cost?
    The membership fee is $149 per year for unlimited access to properties during the 12 months.
  • If I cancel my membership will receive a refund?
    You may cancel your account at any time and for any reason by submitting a request to If an exchange is in progress on the date of the request, the account will not be closed until after the exchange and any related transactions are completed. You are entitled to a refund if you cancel your membership within 7 calendar days of payment. Refunds will be issued to the payment method used no later than 20 business days following the date of cancellation. If you terminate your subscription beyond the 7-day window, no refund, even a partial refund, will be due.
  • What is included in the 2Xcape membership?
    For just $149, 2Xcape membership grants you an unlimited number of exchanges during a 12-month period. Our intuitive online website ensures an effortless exchange process. In the event of unforeseen circumstances don’t worry, you are covered by 2Xcape’s deposit management services which include the following: Protection in case of cancellation by an exchange member - Reimbursement for alternate lodging expenses, up to $500, if a member cancels outside the cancellation window. Protection in case of residence inaccuracies - If a member’s home does not match details from the listing and you must book a hotel or other accommodations, 2Xcape will transfer to you an amount from the accused Member’s account, not to exceed $500. Protection in case of damage or theft by a member during the exchange - In case of damage, loss, or theft, 2Xcape will transfer an amount from the accused member’s security deposit to you. Personalized assistance in emergency situations - Our team is available 24/7 to assist you before, during, and after your exchange. Access to our blog content - Our blogs are intended to promote lifestyle immersion and cultural awareness, as well as guide you through your journeys. For further details regarding 2Xcape’s deposit management services see our Terms of Use.
  • Is the subscription fee automatically debited from my account each year?
    Yes, your membership automatically renews the first of the month following 12 months.
  • What is the verification process?
    2Xcape will request verification of each Xcapers name and address when the Xcaper submits their information. All Xcapers must provide proof of address and a form of identification at the time of registration. Once your identity and address are verified, you’ll be deemed a “Verified Xcaper” on your profile.
  • Is it legal for me to exchange my residence?
    Xcapers are solely responsible for determining any laws, rules or regulations that apply to them and ensuring that they understand and are in compliance with those laws and rules regarding offering their home, apartment, condominium, or any dwelling for an exchange.
  • What happens if another Xcaper is not interested in a exchange?
    This will happen, more often than not. Do not get discouraged, let them know that if they change their mind, you are interested. Leave it at that. If there are not many Xcapers in your desired area, please contact us and we will do marketing in that area to increase the amount of Xcapers. Please keep in mind, that we do first come first serve and will notify you when more is available in that specific area. Our suggestion, is explore more areas. We are growing. Thank you for your patience.
  • What do I say to other Xcapers?
    Be honest and direct. This is a great way to begin the conversation. Below are some helpful questions to keep the convo going and get you closer to an Xcape. Have you ever done a home exchange before? What personal project are you passionate about? Do you have yearly traditions you can share with me? What is your favorite board game? Do you have a good hike you recommend?
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