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5 Asian Destinations You Need To Visit

Where can you go where you will find incredible landscapes, rich history, intricate architecture, fascinating culture, and delicious food?

The answer is: ASIA

If you want to step out of your comfort zone, visit Asia. If you want to explore ancient temples and breathtaking landscapes, visit Asia. If you want to meet kind locals and eat delicious food, visit Asia. The reasons to visit Asia are a mile long! So why not go?

Many people hesitate to travel to Asia because it is different, and stepping out of their comfort zone in such a big way can feel intimidating or unsafe. But it doesn’t have to be scary. If you want to explore other cultures safely, Asia is great.


Tips for Traveling Asia Safely

  1. TRAVEL INSURANCE! You are venturing into unknown territory. Insurance will provide you with a bit of security.

  2. USE A VPN - Public Wi-Fi is a great resource when you travel in Asia or anywhere abroad. Using a VPN will protect you from unwanted eyes.

  3. PAY ATTENTION TO TRAVEL ADVISORIES - Look out for any weather or political upheaval that might make travel difficult.

  4. PLAN AHEAD - Planning your arrivals and departure and knowing how you plan to get around will help you stay safe and avoid risky situations.

  5. RESEARCH THE CULTURE AND CUSTOMS - It is very easy to unknowingly offend the locals with simple gestures or actions. Do your research beforehand to respect the culture you are exploring properly.

  6. STICK TO THE SAME COUNTRY - Bouncing from country to country can be risky. It’s hard enough to adapt to one new country and figure out how to navigate it, let alone multiple countries!

Fortunately, Asia has diverse and fascinating destinations that will easily occupy you during your trip. All of these 6 incredible countries are brimming with enough culture, adventure, and wonder to satiate your desire to explore for an entire tour.

The 5 Asian Destinations You Need to Tour

This tiny island nation is full of wonder to explore, from cherry blossoms and snow-capped mountains to bustling tech metropolises and ancient temples. The seamless blend of old traditions and new technology will instantly strike you. Japan is a nation full of beautiful contradictions.

You can expect a culture built on a daily display of reverence, respect, and obedience. The value of tradition and respect for all aspects of life is evident in even the smallest daily activity.

While you’re there . . .

visit the capital city, Tokyo, and the temples, shrines, and castles in Kyoto and Osaka (you can take the infamous bullet train to Osaka). For beer, skiing, and famous outdoor festivals, check out Sapporo.

Over the last few years, Indonesia has become a popular wanderlust-fulfilling destination. Full of volcanoes and temples, with over 16,000 islands and endless opportunities for adventure.

Indonesia has become a haven for the spiritual-minded and adventure-loving wonderers. You can climb volcanos, explore reefs, and trek through jungles. All while immersing yourself in a community built on mutual respect and care for all.

While you’re there . . .

retreat to Bali, where indulgent villas and spas sit between vibrant rice paddies and beach fronts. Witness the last species of dragons on Komodo island. Go scuba diving at Raja Ampat, Wakatobi islands, or Pulau Weh. Swim with non-stinging jellyfish in Kakaban Lake. Take a trek to see orangutans or visit a coffee plantation in Sumatra.

Built layer upon layer of history and religion, India is a nation full of a vibrant culture that will overwhelm the senses. Give in to the chaos, and you will have a blast. Many visitors have claimed that visiting India left them forever changed for the better.

In India, religion and spirituality intertwine with everyday life. It is home to all the major eastern religions of the world and the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Indian people are some of the most lively, kind, and hospitable. Don't be surprised if you're invited to a local's home for dinner or encounter children playing on the street.

While you're there . . .

visit the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, and the Ganges River, the lifeblood for billions of Hindus worldwide. You can visit the historical Kolkata, where you can see Mother Teresa's tomb. Stop in the capital city, Mumbai, the "pink city," Jaipur, or the historical Rajasthan. For temples, go to Varanasi and Chennai.

Nepal has majestic landscapes, engaging people, and incredible temples, monasteries, and historical monuments. As the home to the Himalayas, which includes 10 of the world's 14 highest mountain tops (one of which is the iconic Mt. Everest), Nepal is heaven for anyone who loves outdoor exploration.

Even if you aren't looking to hike, there is plenty to explore. The high altitude provides the perfect atmosphere for various plants and exotic animals to thrive, including over 300 species of orchids and 800 bird varieties. When you aren't exploring the terrain, you'll become enthralled by the diverse culture of over 35 ethnic groups, each with their languages, beliefs, and festivals.

While you're there . . .

visit Dhulikhel or Pokhara to see the Himalayas up close. Visit the lowland tropical jungles and grasslands in Chitwan and Bardia national parks to see rare wildlife, including Bengal tigers, snow leopards, and more. Kathmandu is full of ancient culture and traditional architecture, and Lumbini is home to the birthplace of the Lord Buddha and scenic monasteries.

What can you expect in Thailand? Well, you'll find picturesque beaches, lush jungles, cosmopolitan cities, incredible food, and friendly locals around every corner--a one stop shop for all your adventure goals. You can hike the jungle one day, then relax on a tranquil beach the next. Thailand has quickly become a popular destination for backpackers, no matter their interests or travel experience.

Traveling in Thailand is safe and affordable. You can find a bungalow on the beach for as little as $20 USD a night! And according to an American ex-pat, you can easily get by anywhere in Thailand for less than $30 USD a day.

While you're there . . .

stop by the grand palace in Bangkok. Check out the fantastic beaches and nightlife in Koamui, Pattaya City, or Ko Pha Ngan. For incredible cliffs and a clear cove, go to Phi Phi island, and visit Ayutthaya for ruined palaces, monasteries, and temples.

In Essence,

if you are looking for a life-changing, mind-expanding, awe-inspiring adventure rich in ancient culture and stunning landscapes, you must visit Asia. Visiting any of these Asian destinations will feed your soul in ways words cannot describe. The best part, you can do it safely and affordably. With just a little research and planning, you can satisfy your wanderlust and need for discovery.

Which of these stunning destinations stands out to you? Where are you wanting to go on your next international adventure? Let us know in the comments!

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