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What is Cultural Exchange?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Cultural exchange is sharing aspects of your culture with someone else from a different background. Cultural exchange broadens our perspectives and expands our awareness, which increases empathy and understanding. The more we learn about each other and our differences, the more apparent our similarities become. And the more we realize how similar we are, the more willing we are to work together to make the world better.

Home exchange is a great way to gain exposure to the customs of other groups of people. 2XCAPE’s mission to provide global affordable lodging options increases the number of excursions available to individuals and families, which promotes cultural awareness through cultural exchange. We hope our mission will help bridge the cultural divide!

Instead of the traditional nightly rate, we will offer a low annual fee to access all of the properties available. From there, you will find your perfect match, sign an agreement, and enjoy your memorable exchange! We offer an intuitive online website that will help manage relationships and expectations.

Home exchange with 2XCAPE is particularly ideal for remote workers who have the capability to work from anywhere in the world. They can travel from place to place staying as long as possible at each location. Just imagine the possibilities! Conceivably, a remote worker could spend an entire year traveling without having to spend a dime on hotels or vacation rentals!

At 2Xcape, your interactions with other members form the basis for cultural exchange, which is reinforced through subsequent interactions. Through open dialogue, you’ll get to know other members. You’ll also take comfort in knowing you’ve selected a suitable escape mate. This is what sets 2XCAPE apart from other home sharing companies where interactions are purely transactional. At 2Xcape, we believe knowing with whom you share your home matters.

To reinforce meaningful connection through cultural exchange, consider creating a portfolio for your escape mate to view when they arrive at your home. Your portfolio might include a picture of yourself, your family members and even your pets (after all, they’re family too!), along with a brief description of each person’s interests. You can recommend sights to see, restaurant options, places to shop, parks, and recreational activities. You can record a welcome message for your escape mate. You can even include a brief tour of your home in your welcome message. You can also use your portfolio to reinforce any expectations you have regarding the care of your home. Building a portfolio may seem like a lot of work, but it shouldn’t take you long to complete, and you can use it again for future escapes. Be yourself and don’t overthink it. Most importantly, have fun!

With 2XCAPE, you’ll experience more purposeful and meaningful travel. You’ll meet new and exciting people, have unique experiences, and travel to locations you may otherwise be unable to afford. People need affordable vacation alternatives in desirable destinations. Due to record breaking inflation, we believe that through providing highly affordable lodging options and opportunities for cultural exchange, we will connect more authentically, thus promoting more national, international, and interpersonal acceptance of one another.

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