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7 of the Best Breweries in the US to Add to Your Vacation Itinerary

No matter where you are in the US, you are bound to find an incredible local brewery perfect for a night out. Craft breweries are increasing in popularity and developing outstanding unique brews perfect for beer lovers and connoisseurs. Even if you aren’t a connoisseur, visiting a brewery provides a unique experience perfect for any night on the town or vacation itinerary.

Adding a local brewery to your vacation itinerary is a beautiful way to tap into the local culture and get a taste of the city. You can grab some good food and beers, take a tour, and connect with locals. Plan it right, and you can show up on a night with live music or entertainment.

What to Look for in a Brewery:

  1. Quality Beer - Many people can make beer, but not everyone can make good beer.

  2. Unique Beer - You can buy your “go-to” beer brand at the store, but at a brewery, you find one-of-a-kind brews you can’t find anywhere else.

  3. Education - Most breweries will provide tours of their facilities and a little education on the process.

  4. Culture and Experience - The best breweries offer more than just great beer; they offer an experience that allows you to create lasting memories.

7 of The Best Breweries For Your Next US Vacation Itinerary

Pacific City, Oregon

Nothing quite matches enjoying an incredible beer with your toes in the warm sand. The Pelican Brewing Company was “born at the beach,” making it the perfect destination for beer lovers who want to enjoy a tasty brew on the beach. They have many locations, but we recommend the Pacific City location for the ultimate “beer on the beach” experience. It is the birthplace of the renowned brewing company, built on the water’s edge over twenty years ago.

Their commitment to delivering only the highest quality beers and providing memorable experiences has led to multiple awards and accolades over the years. That includes multiple Brewpub of the Year and Champion Brewery awards over the last two decades. Their Updrift IPA won a silver medal at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival against some of the top brewers in the world.

Fort Collins, CO

There is always something fun happening at the New Belgium brewery. There is always something happening, from live music or yoga on the lawn to a prom night for adults. Even when no event is planned, you are guaranteed a visit packed with great beer and tasty food. A different food truck parks outside the facility every night, providing incredible food. You’ll find Asian BBW on Wednesday, gourmet tacos on Friday, and American comfort food on Sunday.

While chowing down on great food, you can grab one of their various beverages. If you like IPA, choose from any of their VooDoo Ranger lineup of IPAs. If you want a lager, try their Mountain Time premium lager. They even have hard juice and seltzer for your non-beer-loving travel companions.

Brooklyn, NYC

The one-and-only Brooklyn Brewery is at the heart of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, a hip artistic neighborhood. Fueled by creativity and their community, this trendy brewery represents the essence of the iconic neighborhood. Their brewmaster, Garret Oliver, is known for making delicious creative brews.

They are open for bar service, tours, and shopping. For those who truly love beer, taking a tour of the facility is a fun treat. You’ll get an official behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process and discover the science of delicious beer making.

Milton, DE

Dogfish Head Brewery is the 12th largest brewery in the country. Thanks to the “Fish Finder” on their website, you can find their beers in every state. They have received widespread love thanks to delicious brews like their 75 Minute IPA, named one of the “21 beers to drink in 2021” by

They are known as one of the fathers of experimental brewing, and the character of their beers demonstrates that beautifully. Their Milton Brewery displays that unique creativity perfectly. With its steampunk treehouse, games, and eclectic menu, you are in for a memorable and delicious experience.

Albuquerque, NM

For an authentic southwest brewery experience, Bow and Arrow Brewing Co. is a necessary stop. It was founded by married couple Dr. Missy Begay and Shyla Sheppard in 2016. As a queer and Native American couple, they stand out in the sea of white male brewers.

Their mission is to reflect their landscape and integrate their heritage. Their beers feature foraged wild hops, native cultivated yeasts, indigenous herbs, flowers, and roots. They offer flawless eclectic brews for those who feel a bit adventurous and more approachable beers that will quench anyone’s thirst.

Detroit, MI

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is known around the world for its plethora of stellar breweries. Amongst the abundance of options, City Built Brewing Co. stands out thanks to its festive hospitality, Puerto Rican influence, and commitment to its community.

City Built owner and brewer, Edwin Collazo and his wife “SweetK”, believe that beer brings people together. They work hard to create an atmosphere that feels like home and pour heart and soul into every beer they craft. Their taproom is perfect for gathering and connecting with new and old friends.

Enjoy their crisp Prague Underground Czech pilsner or their noteworthy Werewolves of Michigan West Coast IPA alongside delicious Puerto Rican food like tostones and arroz con gandules. The brewery’s unique sours and stouts are always popular as well. You really can’t go wrong with any of their offerings.

Atlanta, GA

From its name referencing the classic mob deep banger, “Shook Ones“, to the old-school computer references throughout the decor, it’s clear that Halfway Crooks owners have an eclectic, high-quality taste. Their focused quality taste carries over into their brewing. They have successfully carved out a unique niche in the growing Atlanta beer community. They are focused on traditional European lagers and ales, specifically Belgian styles.

In addition to the pillow-topped beers, the brewery hosts live music and special events guaranteed to liven up your vacation. From soul music jam nights to Eurovision viewing parties and weekly trivia nights. You are bound to find a party to join at Halfway Crooks.

When planning your next vacation…

Imagine heading out the door of your cute local home exchange to a local brewery where you find your new favorite craft beer, chow down on tasty grub, and listen to great local music. And, as a 2xcape member, you have a few extra bucks in your pocket, so you can buy your travel companions an extra round or splurge on some bottles to take home with you. Whether you are a beer lover or a casual drinker, adding any craft brewery to your itinerary is a guaranteed good time.

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