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Discover the Most Incredible and Famous Pride Events in the US

Every year, in various cities throughout the US and the world, hundreds of thousands of people gather to celebrate the beautiful impact that the LGBTQ community has made on culture and society.

Regardless of shape or size, Pride events are vibrant displays of love, community, and acceptance. Whether you have recently come out, have been out for decades, or are a straight ally, everyone is welcomed with open arms.

When is Pride month?

LGBTQ Pride month in the US happens every June to honor the work done at the1969 Stonewall riots to achieve equal justice and opportunities for the LGBTQ community. The first Pride parade took place a year after the riots on the streets of New York City. Since then, Pride events have been held throughout June to recognize the impact that LGBTQ people have had on the world.

Today, Pride is more than just a month. It is a year-round movement with large and small events occurring throughout the year. The majority of the large-scale Pride events still take place in June. However, more and more cities are spreading out their event dates.

There is no one way to celebrate Pride, but the most well-known celebrations consist of city-wide gatherings in the form of Pride parades and festivals. We are not here to tell you how to celebrate Pride; however, if you are curious to know when and where some of the most inspiring and famous Pride events take place, we can help.

9 US Cities That Host the Best Pride Events

The first Pride parade took place in New York City on June 28th, 1970, a year after the historic Stonewall riots. Since then, New York City’s Pride events have been central to Pride celebrations worldwide.

Your Pride experience can be as wild or subdued as you like. June is packed with everything from poetry readings, queer cinema shows, dance parties, and family fun days. It all leads to the famous Pride parade. The parade never stops growing and will feature A-list musical guests like Madonna and floats hosted by popular TV shows.

HLA Pride, aka WeHo Pride, is one of the largest Pride gatherings in the country. A month of Pride events and activities kicks off on Harvey Milk Day, May 22nd, in honor of the first openly gay California politician. Throughout June, you’ll find a wide array of Pride events. From street fairs and art festivals to the famous OUTLOUD music festival, Dyke March, and WeHo Pride parade.

The WeHo Pride parade is an annual tradition that fills Santa Monica Blvd with colorful floats, festive participants, and pop-culture icons. This year you can expect to see the likes of Melissa McCarthy, Laith Ashley, and stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

It is no surprise that San Francisco finds its way on this list. The city hosts a plethora of Pride events at various bars, nightclubs, museums, and galleries throughout the month of June. But the main event is their world-famous Pride parade on June 24th and 25th. It will travel down Market St from Embarcadero to the Pride celebration at the Civic Center.

Chicago likes to celebrate Pride with a month full of vibrant community festivities. The highlights include Pride Fest on June 17-18th, Pride in the Park on June 23-24 at Grant Park, and the iconic Chicago Pride Parade on June 25th.

Pride Fest is a 2-day street festival drawing thousands and featuring an all-star musical lineup. It serves a pre-parade celebration with over a hundred food and merch vendors and 2 stages featuring some of the best DJs and drag performances you’ll ever see.

The celebration is spread out throughout the month of June. Pride Market starts on June 4th and features food trucks, exhibitors, and performances. On June 22nd, you can catch the annual fashion show that features queer designers, models, DJs, and more at the Rock the Runway event at RISE Rooftop event space. The Pride parade hits the streets on June 24th. Afterwards, head back to RISE for the incredible after-party.

An entire weekend is set aside in June for the Denver PrideFest. Hundreds of thousands of party-goers join the celebration. In 2023, it includes a Pride 5K run and the Coors Light PrideFest Parade. The Absolute Dance World is where you can dance until you drop all weekend.

You can also explore the booths of over 250 exhibitors or chow down on tasty food from any of the 30 food and beverage vendors.

You might be surprised to learn that Atlanta has a rich Pride history. The city hosted its first Pride march in 1971, just a year after the first march in NYC. Now, more than 30 years after the first march, the city hosts a wide array of Pride-related events throughout June.

You’ll find Pride movie nights, family fun days, and the highlight event is the Out in the Park Party at Six Flags. But real fun takes place a few months later. In October, Atlanta hosts the largest Pride events in

Seattle Pride events set out to do more. Advocacy and allyship take center stage as they work to promote diversity and inclusivity year-round. Pride events in Seattle are a call to action; they’ve been doing it since the beginning.

Seattle Pride is one of the oldest Pride organizations. They have been working hard for the LGBTQUIA+ community and filling the streets with vibrant color and joy every summer since 1974. The city hosts events year-round, but the city's most prominent pride even is the Seattle Pride Parade. The parade will take place on June 25th and run along 4th Avenue, between Pike Street and Denny Way.

For the last 15 years, Miami has been celebrating Pride on the beach. You can expect 16 days of Pride parties and performances culminating in its flagship SoBe parade. Instead of celebrating in June like most other cities, Miami Beach kicks things off on April 1st, with the parade closing things out on April 16th.

Additional Noteworthy Pride Event Hosts

  1. San Diego Pride

  2. Boston Pride

  3. Palm Springs Pride

  4. The Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival

  5. Annapolis Pride Parade and Festival

  6. Pride Palooza in the Park in Binghamton, NY

  7. The Twin Cities Pride Festival in Minneapolis, MN

  8. Honolulu Pride

  9. Nashville Pride

  10. Austin Pride Parade and Festival.

Here is a complete list of Pride events worldwide throughout the year.

When celebrating Pride this year,

remember, there is no correct way to celebrate. Pride events are more than just partying and taking stunning pictures for your socials. It’s about coming together to spread awareness of the beautiful and vital impact the LGBTQ+ community has on our world. It’s about spreading love and building connections.

Ensure you are staying safe and, whenever possible, optimize your experience by traveling in a group. When you do, take advantage of the membership perks and savings your 2xcape membership provides. We’ll help you and your friends travel safely and save a little money.

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