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Take Your Dog on an Adventure at A Pet-Friendly Hotel or Resort

The image of your precious pup sitting alone in a kennel or waiting by the door for you to come home while a ‘stranger’ checks in on them can put a damper on an otherwise invigorating vacation. Our pets are family members; for many of us, they are the main reason we don’t get out and explore the world.

Traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and enjoying new experiences are vital to human existence. Without it, we can easily fall into the lull of routine. Our pets bring light and joy into our lives. We should be able to experience the joys of traveling with our precious fur baby by our side.

More and more hotels and resorts worldwide are opening their doors to four-legged guests. Most places are “pet-friendly.” Allowing dogs and occasionally cats to stay in the hotel with constant supervision. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best pet-friendly resorts worldwide. They are beautiful and allow you to bring your pup along as long as you follow their rules.

Booking an exchange, in a pet-friendly home, with will enable you to stay for the price of your membership while comfortably exploring with your pet. We allow you to travel with your furry companion and provide you with a life-changing cultural experience at the same time.

Our Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels Around the World

At the heart of one of the music capitals of the US is the Bobby Hotel, a unique and cozy getaway perfect for you and your pup. Their cozy rooms are decked out with cool, stimulating decor, unexpected treasures, and luxurious amenities for every guest.

Nashville is a unique and vibrant city perfect for music lovers and urban explorers. Located within walking distance from the city’s main strip, Broadway, you can take your pup to any of the local parks or for walks through the lively neighborhoods. Enjoy outdoor events and nightlife, then return to the hotel spa or restaurants.

Bobby Hotel doesn’t just allow pets; they welcome dogs with warm smiles and open arms. The hotel even has a dog for your baby to play with. They have partnered with the Nashville Humane Association to adopt a dog and train it as emotional support animals for US Veterans in need.

London, England, is one of the most popular international destinations. You can easily spend a week or more exploring the various neighborhoods. You can visit popular tourist spots like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben, check out a show in the West End, or check out pop-culture landmarks like Notting Hill or the Sherlock Holms Museum at 221B Baker Street.

When you’re done, head back to The Standard Hotel, minutes from King’s Cross station. Enjoy the cozy bed with Italian linens and fluffy down pillows while you sit around and watch your choice of entertainment on the big-screen TV. Enjoy the sunset from their rooftop bar, with cocktails, bao buns, and panoramic views. Or head to The Library Lounge for a cozy retreat surrounded by books.

Pets are welcome in all 266 rooms, from the “Cosy Cores” to the terraced suites with outdoor bathtubs and dramatic views. We recommend the latter! Your furry friend will appreciate the private outdoor space, and you will relish the luxurious amenities. When you are ready to explore, consult the hotel’s concierge; they can help you find the perfect activities for you or help you arrange a pet sitter.

London is full of parks. As one of the leading green cities in the world, there is plenty of green space and walking paths. You and your fur baby will get plenty of exercise and fresh air!

Located at the base of the Hollywood Hills, just outside the buzzing tech and entertainment center that is Los Angeles, lays a tranquil oasis - the 1 Hotel West Hollywood. You’ll be instantly struck with an instant sense of calm as you stroll through the stunning hotel that seems to usher nature inside through its luxurious neutral bohemian decor.

1 Hotel is a sustainable heaven. As one of the most energy-efficient hotels in LA, they strive to provide all of their guests with a relaxing experience. The hotel oozes sustainable luxury from its toiletries and lines to its cutting-edge wellness spa and onsite organic restaurant. So after exploring the entertainment and culture that LA is famous for, you can retreat to your private oasis with your favorite furry companion.

The hotel welcomes all four-legged family members and is happy to provide guests with information on the best dog parks, pet shops, grooming salons, pet sitters, and dog-walking services. You’ll find a doggie daycare and an off-leash park nearby. They might even be able to accommodate your cats or birds if you contact them in advance to make arrangements. They go above and beyond for all of their guests, so make sure you respect their efforts by abiding by the pet rules.

If you long for a picturesque mountain getaway, Switzerland is the ideal destination. Take a stunning scenic train ride through snowcapped mountains to stunning St. Moritz for a vacation straight out of a fantasy.

At the gorgeous, historic Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, you can share this unique experience with your precious pup. Together you can enjoy the endless breathtaking views featuring the glistening lake, snowcapped mountains, and charming village below.

Whether skiing in winter or golfing in the summer, there are endless ways to enjoy the scenery. Take your pup for a walk through the charming village or along the lake. Enjoy a gelato or some delicious traditional Swiss cuisine at any of the Palace’s incredible dining options. Just bring a nice outfit; some restaurants have dress codes.

Pets are welcome in the rooms. They are also allowed to join their humans in the legendary hotel lobby, Le Grand Hall, and the Chesa Veglia, a charming farmhouse from the 1600s that hosts a variety of casual dining options and bars.

For the ultimate family vacation, look no further than Basin Harbor! This quaint, lakeside resort features lodge-style rooms and cottages perfect for traveling with kids and pets. With incredible views of the lake and delicious fresh air, it is the opposite of a corporate-style hotel.

The resort sits on 700 acres right by the lake. It provides guests everything they need to make themselves at home in their private cottages. From refrigerators and coffee makers to paddle boats and a water trampoline, you’ll have everything you need to have fun by the lake.

And you can rest assured knowing that your furry family members are welcome and encouraged to visit! Basin Harbor provides pet-friendly cottages and a private beach where they can play off-leash. They also offer locally made dog biscuits and pick-up mitts. They ask that you avoid bringing your dog to any “pet-free” zones out of respect for other guests’ allergies and preferences.

When planning your next vacation,

Remember, you can have your cake and eat it too. You can go on life-changing adventures and create exciting memories, and enjoy the cozy company of your favorite four-legged friend. Staying in a hotel might require you to put in extra time and money to ensure your dog is comfortable and cared for the entire time.

Here at, we hope to make it even easier for you to explore with your pup through our pet-friendly home exchange options. Explore our listings today! New ones are being added all the time.

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